The Committee

The Chairman – Rob Hylands

The Chairman shall be present at all General Meetings of the Club and, where possible, at all meetings of the Executive Committee and shall be responsible for guiding the activities of the Club in accordance with its general policy as expressed by the majority of its members. The Chairperson shall be responsible for health and safety.

The Vice Chair – Steve Granger

A member of the committee subordinate to the Chair to assist the Chair and designated to serve as Chair in the absence of the Chair, or when a motion involving the Chair is being discussed.

Club Welfare Officer and Boatswain – Tim Burgess

They will also be responsible for ensuring the Club adopts the BCU Child Protection Policy and Procedures and that vulnerable people are suitably cared for and properly supervised during club activities.

They are responsible for the equipment inventory for the club

The Secretary – Hannah Jackson

The Secretary shall be responsible for the membership of the Club and ensuring that all membership subscriptions are collected, all appropriate membership records are maintained and have responsibility for updating the membership records and producing reports as required.

The secretary will be responsible for updating the correspondence lists of members, such as the email list and Facebook account.

The Treasurer – Alex Anderson

The Treasure will be responsible for the collection of all money within the Club, together with the responsibility for payment of all expenditure authorised by the Committee. The Treasurer will have the responsibility to keep and produce records as far as is possible for all activities that involve Club Money and the preparation of accounts and audit.

The Coaching Adviser – Charley Fox

The Coaching adviser shall be responsible for co-ordinating all aspects of coaching, will liaise with the appropriate authorities for the use of swimming pools and training facilities. Will give a progress report at the Annual General Meeting and will be responsible for advising the new coaches of the club to ensure all members have high level coaching.

The Communications and Information Officer – Annette Hamer

The Communications and Welfare Officer is responsible for managing and up dating the club website, co-ordinating the calender of the different disciplines running within the club and updating the club calender.

Student Liaison Officer – tbc

The Student Liaison Officer shall represent the interests and views of the youth and students within the club. To attend club and Annual General Meetings on behalf of the youth and students of the club to put forward ideas.

Social Secretary – Frances Forsyth


Dennis Healey BCU Level 3 Sea Coach

Simon Ablett:: BCU Level 3 inland White Water Coach

Chris Day: BCU Level 3 inland White Water Coach

Catherine West: BCU Level 3 Flat Water Coach who specialises in K1 racing and marathon.

Toby Hamer: BCU UKCC Level 2 Coach

Jeff Goddard: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Rob Hylands: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Christine Howard: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Lisa Howard: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Wendy Payne BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Leon Payne: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Nick Peacock: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Charley Fox: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Laura Howells: BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Steve Granger – BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Tim Burgess – BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

Tom Burgess – BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach

John McColl – BCU UKCC Level 1 Coach